**Please note this listing is for a preorder of the Dark Star Jerry. Pre-Orders take anywhere from 5-7 weeks to fill due to having to create them from scratch. Please also realize that every Jerry has a life of their own and will not look exactly like the photos, but will be very similar.   The mug will hold anywhere from 12-16 ounces.


The iconic image of Jerry is emblazoned on this mug with Jerry in the full light of the moon.  His beard and hair is flowing with every color of the rainbow.   His glasses are lustered with gold. The mug is lined with a beautiful and sparkly in cosmic teadust. 


This mug DOES NOT  have lyrics on it. 


This mug was hand thrown, hand carved and hand painted.  It is fired to a cone 6 for durability and longevity.  


Due to the gold on Jerry's glasses it is not dishwasher and microwave safe.

Presale Jerry Dark Star Flower Bottom