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About the Artist - Terra Hess

Ceramics is my passion.  It began as a class that was required for me to get my geology degree. I noticed that when I was sitting at the wheel and throwing a cup my mind was still and happy.  I enjoyed it but never thought much about it after getting my degree.  Then I found myself in the middle of a divorce that had left me depressed and unsettled.  I decided to go back to ceramics and use it as therapy.  I allowed me to visit the darker corners of my mind and heal old wounds.  It was then that I discovered that ceramics is my passion and I wanted to share it with everyone. Making mugs based on some of my favorite bands and their fun unique songs is my gig.  I also love foraging and will create ceramic versions of my favorite wild food.  I occasionally will take on customs if I feel that my ability can match a customers expectations. 


I breathe, live, and work in the fresh Wyoming air. When I’m not covered in mud or a paint you can find me on lot, or in a body of freshwater connecting with the trout.

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Please be patient if you need to email me. It could take several days to respond as my hands are often covered with clay.

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